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Zimara for Piece of Blue and Pause Cafe clothing for ladies

Blue Willi’s / Piece of Blue

Zimara Fashion of Lymington stock a wide range of Blue Willis clothing and are now delighted to add the Piece of Blue collection which is made by the original designer of Blue Willis. Please note that the garments shown below are just a sample of our in-stock range and we do have many more desirable items available. For further details, availability and price of any items please contact us via email or telephone.

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  • 1. Piece of Blue sky self print cotton jumper
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  • 2. Piece of Blue indigo self print cardi
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  • 3. Piece of Blue faded burgundy cardigan
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  • 4. Piece of Blue navy/ivory print cardigan
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  • 5. Piece of Blue camel and navy print cardi
  • 6. Piece of Blue sky blue and navy print cardi
  • 7. Piece of Blue indigo and sky blue print cardi
  • 8. Piece of Blue coral zip cardigan
  • 9. Piece of Blue sky blue zip cardigan
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  • 10. Piece of Blue blue/black zip cardi
  • 11. Piece of Blue white cotton cardi
  • 12. Piece of Blue sky blue round neck jumper
  • 13. Piece of Blue indigo, zip cardi
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  • 14. Piece of Blue grey/black jumper
  • 15. Piece of Blue olive green jumper
  • 16. Piece of Blue sky blue self-print cardi
  • 17. Piece of Blue sky blue cardi with collar
  • 18. Piece of Blue sky blue jumper
  • 19. Piece of Blue sky blue cardi
  • 20. Piece of Blue mid blue short zip cardi
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  • 21. Blue Willis sky blue bobble print jumper
  • 22. Blue WIllis blue/black zip cardi
  • 23. Blue Willis striped polo jumper
  • 24. Blue Willis pale blue cable cotton polo jumper
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  • Blue Willis Perfect Fit stretch jeans
7 Quay Street, Lymington, Hampshire

zimara@btconnect.com    |    01590 677600
7 Quay Street, Lymington, Hampshire

01590 677600